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Thakur Yugraj Singh Pharmacy College, Fatehpur, is equipped with advanced pharmacy laboratories, meeting all the requirements for approval from the Pharmacy Council of India (PCI). Our labs are designed to support comprehensive education and research in pharmacy. Here are the key features of our pharmacy laboratories:

  1. Pharmaceutics Lab: Equipped with the latest technology for the formulation and design of pharmaceutical products, this lab allows students to practice and learn the art of medicine preparation.

  2. Pharmacology Lab: This lab provides facilities for in-vivo and in-vitro studies, essential for understanding drug action and effect on biological systems.

  3. Medicinal Chemistry Lab: Dedicated to the synthesis and analysis of medicinal compounds, this lab is outfitted with advanced spectroscopy and chromatography equipment.

  4. Pharmacognosy Lab: Focusing on the study of medicinal drugs derived from plants and other natural sources, this lab contains facilities for extraction and analysis of natural substances.

  5. Biochemistry Lab: Equipped with the necessary instruments for biochemical analysis, this lab supports the study of chemical processes within and relating to living organisms.

  6. Microbiology Lab: Designed for the cultivation and study of microorganisms, this lab is essential for understanding infections and antibiotic testing.

  7. Clinical Pharmacy Lab: This lab simulates a real-world pharmacy setting to provide students with hands-on experience in patient care, drug therapy management, and counseling.

  8. Analytical Chemistry Lab: Featuring high-precision analytical instruments, this lab is crucial for the quantitative and qualitative analysis of chemical compounds.

Each lab is compliant with PCI regulations, ensuring a safe and conducive environment for learning and research. Our facilities are regularly updated to keep pace with advancements in pharmaceutical sciences, preparing our students to excel in their future careers.

Pharmacy (40)

Hospital & community harmacy lab

Pharmacy practice lab

pharmacognosy lab

Pharmacology and human anatomy Lab

physiology lab

Model pharmacy lab

Computer lab

Machine room

Central Instrumentation lab

Biochemistry and Biotechnology lab

pharma chemistry lab

Pharmaceutics lab

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